Fertil Dispenser


Granules under control!
Is a unique solution for the controlled distribution of granular and micro-granular products.

Fertil Dispenser, with dose device, which works only localized, it’s made to be adjusted from 2 to 25 grams. The operator have no possibility to make mistake!

Fertil Dispenser is indicated to work in nurseries, public green areas care, and all controlled distributions.

Accesories included
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  • Precision / dosageFertil dispenser is equipped with a top range dosing distributor, easily adjustable, that allows from 2 to 25 grams of product to be measured out without danger of error by the user!!
    Fertil dispenser guarantees precise and uniform nutrition to all plants treated.
  • Speed and SavingFertil dispenser was designed by studying the behaviour of granular products to obtain an immediate, effective and unparalleled action. The shape of the tank, designed to follow the material as it drops, and a dosing device mounted on the tip of the lance, allow between 1500 to 5000 doses per hour to be sprayed: a treatment system that is at least four times more economical, faster and more rational compared with the manual operation. Guarantees speed of treatment, operative continuity and extreme containment of unitary operative costs, avoiding product wastage!
  • Lightness and ComfortFertil dispenser can be used for prolonged periods, since its lightness, ease of use and ergonomically shaped backrest allow the Fertil dispenser to be carried and used for lengthy periods, ensuring optimal mobility during operation, radically improving work quality in this sector.
  • Quality and EcologyFertil dispenser combines the lightness and quality of the plastic material with the sturdiness and safety of stainless steel, guaranteeing long life and minimal maintenance.
    Fertil dispenser ensures the operator’s complete safety while working, without direct contact with the products sprayed.
    Fertil dispenser ensures environmental protection by avoiding useless product waste.

Accessories included

Cap that protects

Cap that protects against water and moisture

Spreading paddled support, optional use

Spreading paddled support for products.

Cover clamping belt

It prevents product leakage during operation and movement.

Assembly Instructions


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