Optional accessories

Our Fertil has been upgraded with the optional accessories section.

If you already have a Fertil backpack, you can purchase just the ends and interchange the end of the equipment. Therefore, by purchasing just one product, you can have 3*.

Thanks to several dispenser devices, it is possible to distribute granular products in localized, continuous and spreading manners, according to the requirement.

All the optionals are made with top-quality 100% Made in Italy, practically indestructible products. Guaranteed by Simeoni Tecnogreen.

*Fertil Basic, Fertil Dispenser and Fertil Granomax. 

All the optional accessories

The task of the Fertil range is to facilitate the distribution of granular products in a localized and spreading manner. Thanks to the choice of the end you can transform your Fertil!

Here is what you can do:

If you have the Fertil Basic you can purchase: il tubo erogatore Dispenser e la testa Granomax spagliante.

If you have the Fertil Dispenser you can purchase the Basic dispensing tube and the Granomax spreading head.

If you have the Fertil Granomax you can purchase the Dispenser dispensing tube and the Basic dispensing tube.

If you have the Fertil Easy you can purchase the end extension tube to facilitate distribution in less accessible areas, as bushes, narrow openings, other areas.