Fertil Basic


4 times faster, 4 times more efficient!
Born in a nursery environment and designed for the specific requirements demanded of a professional compost, completely revolutionises the traditional manual distribution of fertilisers and granular products.

Which is indicated to work localized and also linearly, the operator can conduct the work, also if a quantity regulation is laid out. Fertil Basic is indicated to work in vineyards, orchards and general agricultural fertilization.

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  • Speed and SavingFertil basic has a great operative capacity in terms of quantity and timing, which makes the treatment at least four times more economical, speedy and rational, compared with a manual job.
    It guarantees speed in action, operative continuity, extreme cost-effectiveness and waste avoidance!
  • Lightness and ComfortFertil basic can be used for lengthy work sessions, since its lightness, ease in use and the ergonomic shape of the backrest allow Fertil basic to be carried and used for lengthy periods, ensuring optimal mobility during operations, radically improving work quality in this sector.
  • Quality and EcologyFertil basic combines the lightness and quality of the plastic material with which it is made,
    with the sturdiness and safety of stainless steel, guaranteeing long life and minimal maintenance.
    Fertil basic ensures the operator’s complete safety while working, without direct contact with the products sprayed.
    Fertil basic ensures environmental protection by avoiding product wastage.

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