We present you with our Fertil range, innovative, ecologic nursery equipment with 100% Made in Italy technology.

Particularly suitable in the field of floriculture and gardening, Fertil products are distinguished by their shape and different spouts. Each has precise characteristics. Thanks to the Fertil range it is possible to distribute granular products in a localized or spreading manner.

Facilitates the distribution of granular products

The task of the Fertil range is to facilitate the distribution of granular products in a localized and spreading manner.

Ci sono tanti motivi per scegliere un Fertil…

  • Precision in product distribution
  • Work speed and time saving
  • Lightness and comfort
  • Quality materials

Who are Fertil products for?

Fertil equipment is used by large nurseries and by individuals with a gardening hobby. The Fertil range products are professional and designed for the agriculture-nursery-gardening sector, therefore, they are specifically indicated for everyone who wants to quickly and accurately dose granular material.
Fertil products can be used by hobbyists in the vegetable garden, orchard and in the garden. Fertile Easy can also be used on individual plants and on balconies.
You can find our products online at our e-shop or in agrarian consortiums, agriculture stores, nurseries, …