Fertil Five


Fast and accurate solution even in difficult working conditions for the controlled distribution of granular and microgranular products.

Extremely easy to handle, with a left-handed model available on request.

Recommended for nurseries and controlled distribution.

Accessories included
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  • Precision and dosingFertil Five has a high-precision adjustable point-shaped dispenser (localised dispensing 2 to 25 g) for precise and uniform plant nutrition.
  • Speed and savingsFertil Five was developed by studying the behaviour of granular products to improve speed and effectiveness. The tank was designed to follow the fall of the material and the dosing device delivers between 1 500 and 5 000 doses per hour. No product waste. Easy product refills without having to remove the container.
  • Lightness and comfortFertil Five, is lightweight and ergonomic, and can be used for long periods.
  • Quality and ecologyFertil Five combines the lightness of plastic with the solidity and safety of stainless steel, for durability and minimal maintenance.
    No contact with products delivered.

Accessories included

Moisture protection cap

Cap that protects against water and moisture

Optional distributor blade

Spreading paddled support for products.

Comfortable adjustable shoulder strap