Fertil Granomax


Fertil Granomax is a quick, versatile and high-performing equipment for controlled spreading of granular, micro granular products and heterogeneous mixtures.

With Fertil Granomax, you can spread different types of products, such as granular fertilizers, salt, seeds, sand and inert materials, bait and anti-germinating agents in a simple, safe and even manner.

Regulating the product output flow is very simple: it is done with a finger! The head has 5 opening levels, for exact and targeted dosage of granular products up to 4mm.

The spreading width reaches over 2 metres, with consistent distribution.

Indicated for floriculture, gardening, building sites, mechanical workshops, disinfestation companies and where there is the need for controlled product distribution.




Fertil Granomax


  • Precision and dosageFertil Granomax,  due to the particular shape of its head, is designed for spreading, is easily adjustable in 5 openings and allows the dispensing of granular products up to 4mm.
  • Speed and SavingFertil Granomax was designed by studying the behaviour of granular products to obtainan immediate and effective unparalleled action.
    The tank is modelled by following the material as it drops, and a dosing device located at the end of the lance, allowing various types of granular and micro granular products to be easily dispensed, making the treatment economic, quick and even.
    It guarantees work speed, operational continuity, reduction in unit operating costs.
  • Lightness and ComfortFertil Granomax can be used for prolonged periods, as its lightness, its ease of use and the ergonomic shape of the backrest, allow you to wear and use the Fertil Granomax for lengthy periods with optimal mobility during the treatments, radically improving the work quality in this sector.
  • Quality and EcologyFertil Granomax combines the lightness and quality of the plastic material, ensuring durability and minimal maintenance.
    Fertil Granomax allows the operator to work in complete safety, with no direct contact with the dispensed products.
  • Operational versatilityFertil Granomax can be used in several sectors and for spreading heterogeneous products. From the “green” use of dispensing fertilizers, seeds, anti-germinating agents and plant protection products to the use on building sites, for the spreading of inert materials and sand. It is essential in the winter for spreading salt on roads and driveways. Disinfestation companies use it to spread bait and granulated deratting products. Fertil Granomax is also used by breeding farms to feed animals.

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