Fertil Easy


Simply unique!
Fertil Easy is a unique solution for the controlled distribution of granular and micro granular products.
Professional quality in a compact and light solution for extensive use.

Professional quality in a compact and light solution for extensive use.

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  • Precision / DosageFertil Easy is equipped with an easily adjustable dosage distributor that allows 2 to 20 grams of product to be measured out without danger of error by the user!
  • Swiftness and versatilityFertil Easy is promptly usable, swift in changing product and in adjusting dosages, adapting with great versatility to the various usages.
  • Lightness and ease of useFertil Easy is light, compact and manageable. With its limited weight and bulk and specific waist-hook, the operator can have it with him at all times, even when operations are intermittent.
    The ergonomic grip offers maximum comfort and control over Fertil Easy during work procedures.
  • Quality and EcologyFertil Easy is manufactured in materials specifically designed to guarantee long life and minimal maintenance.
    Fertil Easy allows the operator to work confidently and safely, without direct contact with the products sprayed.
    Fertil Easy ensures environmental protection by avoiding product wastage.

Accessories included

Waist belt
Spreading scoop for optional use

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70 cm, 92 cm

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